Behind the Scenes

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"Hello Everyone! Welcome to M-A-K, MAK Radio!"


This is probably what you've heard to start out each episode or recording of MAK Radio. Well, is there something special behind this whole radio? This page is all about going back to the beginning of MAK Radio and looking at how we started! Enjoy!


 MAK Radio started when I was about 12, about three years ago. But Manika and I had recorded silly things LONG before that. We started with just recording us singing childish songs. ( and thinking we sounded like rockstars ) Then, we advanced a little more to reading books. Sort of like books on tape. We always just randomly recorded, and we thought we should actually name each production, so we started doing that. Then, I thought we should find a name and maybe turn this into a "radio-type" thing. Manika came up with the name! MAK. It stands for Manika;Abha:K. All mushed together in one name that looks and sounds cool. We thought it was genius! We started playing other artists' music and talking and making jokes in between, always jubilant. Okay, sometimes "over-jubilant." We started our favored "call-athons" and that helped us create characters and voices to mimic each time someone called in. It would be either Manika or me being the caller and then we'd switch off talking to the caller. If you were both, you'd have to switch voices quite often!


MAK Radio has come a long ways! Thanks to our parents who put up with our crazy days when all we did was record dumb episdoes.




Ok, now for Manika's version of the story:

Yeah, I was probably 10 or younger when I started recording music and craziness onto tapes. I had originally called it MJK  for my own name, not with Abha. But then Abha did come in, and was like,"hey, can I do this too?" How could I say no? So I changed the name, and we recorded over what I had just been doing. 

So MAK Radio was born. We started playing our small (really small!) music selection over and over. Then we bought some more CD's and played those. A song that is close to me is "Everything To Me", by Mark Schultz. We played that a ton and even kind of dedicated it! ;-) 

We would record whenever we had time; I'm sorry to say at June 5th, 2011, we haven't recorded for a long time. Our parents would be telling us,"I need you to do this or that!", but we called back,"We gotta do MAK Radio!" I am still greatly commited to keep this up, I might do some more tomorrow. We would record when we weren't supposed to, like at bedtime. One of my lines from a late session was this: "If you could see us right now, we'd be in our pj's!!!!!!!!"(followed by hyper laughter). 

If we buy a new CD, we play a ton of its songs. I discovered that my parents had DC Talk's "Jesus Freak" CD that I had never come across, and became obsessed with it. I'm listening to it right now, but I'm over the "OMG a new CD!" phase. 

Our "callathons" have become a huge part in MAK Radio. It has been super fun to record people calling in to our station, maybe we'll try to get real other people to call in this year! I hope you have gotten something of value out of our callathons. That would be nice to know! 

So yes, Abha and I are still recording MAK Radio, we just need to get around to doing it.   I hope the history of MAK encourages you to listen to us goof off and play music, I know it will brighten your day! So try it out! Let Jesus come to you through the music! 

       ~ <3Manika